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The SMS Business Card ofRob Ryan Self Employed Business Owner

SMS Digital Smart Cards

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You want to Stand Out? - to Connect? - to Relate?

You want Personal Referrals from existing customers at No Cost Advertising!

Qu: Why is "This Card" better, so much better than any traditional business card?
Ans: It sits on the face of anyone`s mobile phone, ready to be PASSED ON!

In other words "your card" is 'DUPLICATED' on to anyone`s phone!

How? ... just sms it!! ... that simple, that easy.
"The Card" is great for ALL businesses - small, medium and large, local trades people, hobbyists, teams and more.... 

"The Card"
  • is an innovative blend of digital technologies

  • is dead easy for ‘NON-GEEKS’ and professionals".

  • is the Swiss Army Knife of business cards...

  • it markets you on everyone`s mobile phone!

  • you add photos, images, videos, social media, blog posts ...

  • and it`s not an app!  ... so easy to use

  • sms to your data base at will!

  • very low monthly cost

You will Stand Out! - Connect! - and build those critical personal relationships! 
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