SMS Cards Rewards Program

About our Rewards Program

The only way a new subscriber can join SMS Cards is by clicking the join button, displayed on every SMS Card.
The join button is always displayed whether you choose to be in our Rewards Program (RP) or not. However as a member of RP, you can be rewarded for that referral and subsequent renewals, and also those resulting new subscriptions to a further 3 generations. Your membership is confidential: There is no visible difference to a new member joining from an SMS card belonging to a member of the RP.

Charities & Fundraising

You can option to donate a percentage of all payments automatically to your nominated charity or cause automatically. As a member of the RP, simply visit the "Tools" section of your card where you can nominate the percentage to be paid. Your donation can be started, stopped or reassigned at anytime.


Commissions are calculated monthly on both New Memberships and Renewals

What is meant by Generation?
When we refer to the 1st, 2nd Generation etc, we are referring to new members who have in turn joined from members introduced from your card.

join buttons

New Memberships from your card 5 $2 10
1st Generation 25 $1 25
2nd Generation 125 $0.60 75
3rd Generation 625 $0.40 250
TOTAL     360

RENEWALS EXAMPLE Quantity Commision $
Renewals of your own referrals 5 $1 5
1st Generation 25 $0.60 15
2nd Generation 125 $0.40 50
3rd Generation 625 $0.25 156.25
TOTAL     226.25

In this example with 5 new SMS Card subscriptions + 5 renewals, to each of 3 Generations is a total commission of $586.25
There is no limit to the number of referrals or renewals from your SMS Card. Commissions are calculated to 3 generations.

To receive the Rewards Program monthly payments, the Member is required to have a minimum of 5 new referred members for that month and be a current financial member of SMS Cards and The SMS Cards Rewards Program.


IMPORTANT: These figures are based upon the quantity of referrals and subscriptions duplicated to all generations. There is no guarantee or inference that others will what you do. They may do more, or they may do nothing. Participating in the SMS Cards Rewards Program is subject to acceptance of Terms and Conditions.