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The SMS Business Card ofRob Ryan
Rob Ryan & Assoc

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WE'RE ABOUT SMARTER PEOPLE CONNECTIONThe Business Card you Business A has 50 staff members engaging on average with 10 customers per day.....   This equates to 500 engagements per day or 150,000 per year. Of these engagements 0% of data or statistics are captured prior to conversion to a sale. And those not sold will never enter the CRM for re-marketing or engagement.

Even if there was a plan implemented to capture and add this data to the company CRM, the time spent on data entry would be approximately 300,000 minutes or 5,000 hours.

Using SMS Cards, data is instantly ported to the CRM and the customer has an improved user experience, receiving all preferred and direct paths for direct re-engagement, along with news, offers and promotions. Statistics, sales funnel efficiency and the power of your CRM and sales team is massively increased with a nett cost reduction in this case of 81.2%, based on print costs of $50 per 500 traditional business cards.

Stop wasting data and opportunities.

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